Les aventures d’Arielle et Arlow. Les griffons § Tome II § Приключенията на Ариел и Арлоу. Том II

(…) depuis des semaines, le royaume de Kattelo connait de grands ennuis. Le messager explique au roi, à la reine ainsi qu’aux valeureux chevaliers Arielle et Arlow que le royaume a subi trois attaques terribles d’un effrayant dragon. Il y a eu de nombreux blessés, les maisons ont brûlé à cause des flammes crachées par le dragon. Le roi et la reine de Kattelo sont désespérés. Ils viennent donc chercher le soutien de leurs alliés de Buglu.

« Et si il ne nous a pas attaqués hier dans la grotte, ajoute Arlow, c’est sans doute qu’il pense qu’on peut l’aider ! Mais oui bien sûr ! Tu as raison Arlow ! s’exclame Arielle. Le griffon pense certainement qu’on peut l’aider à retrouver sa famille. Il a dû entendre parler de nos aventures et de nos pouvoirs magiques. Je vais encore essayer de communiquer avec lui. »

Les aventures d’Arielle et Arlow. Tome 2. L’attaque du dragon
Audrey Heine

La fée

la fée2.jpg


(…) and then an old, old woman came out of the house;
she was leaning upon a big, 
hooked stick,
and she wore a big sun hat,
which was covered 
with beautiful painted flowers.

Hans Christian Andersen

Marseille. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge


redriding hood.jpg

Je vais voir ma mère-grand, et lui porter une galette avec un pot de beurre, que ma mère lui envoie.
Demeure-t-elle bien loin? lui dit le Loup.
Oh! oui, lui dit le Petit Chaperon Rouge; c’est par delà. le moulin que vous voyez tout là-bas, là-bas, à la première maison du village.
Eh bien, dit le Loup, je veux l’aller voir aussi; je m’y en vais par ce chemin-ci et toi par ce chemin-là, et nous verrons à qui plus tôt y sera.

Le Cabinet des Fées

Giacomo di cristallo…

ohliov giacomo.jpg… libero al mare…


Una volta, in una città lontana, venne al mondo 
un bambino trasparente.
Attraverso le sue membra si poteva vedere come
attraverso l’aria e l’acqua.
Era di carne e d’ossa e pareva di vetro, 
e se cadeva non andava in pezzi, ma al più
si faceva sulla fronte un bernoccolo trasparente.
Si vedeva il suo cuore battere, si vedevano
i suoi pensieri guizzare come pesci colorati nella loro vasca.
Gianni Rodari

Under the willow-tree § Sous le saule

sous le saule

Yet still he seemed conscious that the willow-tree was stretching its branches over him; in his dreaming state the tree appeared like a strong, old man—the “willow-father” himself, who had taken his tired son up in his arms to carry him back to the land of home, to the garden of his childhood, on the bleak open shores of Kjoge.  And then he dreamed that it was really the willow-tree itself from Kjoge, which had travelled out in the world to seek him, and now had found him and carried him back into the little garden on the banks of the streamlet; and there stood Joanna, in all her splendor, with the golden crown on her head, as he had last seen her, to welcome him back.

Hans Christian Andersen

Les filles de l’Ogre

sleeping girl

L’Ogre avait sept filles qui n’étaient encore que des enfants.(…).

Le petit Poucet qui avait remarqué que les filles de l’Ogre avoient des Couronnes d’or sur la teste, (…) se leva vers le milieu de la nuit, & prenant les bonnets de ses frères & le sien, il alla tout doucement les mettre sur la teste des sept filles de l’Ogre après leur avoir oté leurs Couronnes d’or qu’il mit sur la teste de ses frères & sur la sienne.

Le petit poucet

XV. Rudy

“I kissed you, when you were young, kissed you on your mouth! Now I kiss your feet, you are entirely mine!”
He vanished in the clear blue water.
Everything was still; the church bells stopped ringing; the last tones died away with the splendour of the red clouds.
“You are mine!” sounded in the deep. “You are mine!” sounded from on high, from the infinite.
How happy to fly from love to love, from earth to heaven!
A string broke, a cry of grief was heard, the icy kiss of death conquered; the prelude ended; so that the drama of life might commence, discord melted into harmony.

la vierge des glaces

The Ice-Maiden

Hans Christian Andersen

The Old Street Lamp

The old man would read aloud about Africa, with its great forests and the wild elephants, while his wife would listen attentively, stealing a glance now and then at the clay elephants which served as flowerpots. “I can almost imagine I am seeing it all,” she said.

Ah! how the lamp wished for a wax taper to be lighted in it, for then the old woman would have seen the smallest detail as clearly as it did itself; the lofty trees, with their thickly[243] entwined branches, the naked negroes on horseback, and whole herds of elephants treading down bamboo thickets with their broad, heavy feet.

stariat ulichen fener


Hans Christian Andersen


Il est bien habillé, son habit est de soie, mais il est impossible d’en dire la couleur, il semble vert, rouge ou bleu selon qu’il se tourne, il tient un parapluie sous chaque bras, l’un décoré d’images et celui-là il l’ouvre au-dessus des enfants sages qui rêvent alors toute la nuit des histoires ravissantes, et sur l’autre parapluie il n’y a rien. Il l’ouvre au-dessus des enfants méchants, alors ils dorment si lourdement que le matin en s’éveillant ils n’ont rien rêvé du tout.

ole umbrella.jpg

Les galoches du bonheur

Dans une maison à Copenhague, non loin de Kongens Nytorv, s’était réunie chez un chambellan de Sa Majesté une société fort nombreuse et distinguée ; les hôtes avaient engagé tout ce beau monde pour être en retour aussi invités quelquefois (…)les galoches du bonheur

Ce qu’on fit ensuite ne mérite pas non plus d’être raconté ; passons donc dans le vestibule, où se trouvaient les manteaux, les cannes, les galoches des invités. Là se tenaient deux filles, l’une vieille, l’autre jeune ; au premier abord, on aurait supposé que c’étaient des femmes de chambre, venues pour accompagner leurs maîtresses au retour. Mais en les considérant d’un peu plus près, on s’apercevait vite que ce n’étaient pas des domestiques, ni même des personnes ordinaires (…)



Hans Christian Andersen



Un Gian Burrasca

Dopo la tempesta viene la calma! Tre giorni fa il cielo era cupo, ora invece è sereno. 
La pace è conclusa, l’assedio è levato. Stamani, dal buco della serratura, mi è stato promesso di non darmi più bastonate, e io ho promesso solennemente di ritornare a scuola, di studiare e di esser buono.
Così l’onore è stato salvo … e anche la mobilia e lo specchio grande, perché ho levato la barricata e sono uscito di camera.
Viva la libertà!
Gian Burrasca.

Devant le chateau de glace

le corbeau

The walls of the palace were formed of drifted snow, and the windows and doors of cutting winds. There were more than a hundred rooms in it, all as if they had been formed of snow blown together. The largest of them extended for several miles. They were all lighted up by the vivid light of the aurora, and were so large and empty, so icy cold and glittering!

There were no amusements here; not even a little bear’s ball, when the storm might have been the music, and the bears could have danced on their hind legs and shown their good manners. There were no pleasant games of snapdragon, or touch, nor even a gossip over the tea table for the young-lady foxes. Empty, vast, and cold were the halls of the Snow Queen.

Hans Christian Andersen

Alice’s tree

alice on the tree 3.jpg

I wonder if I shall fall right through the earth! How funny it’ll seem to come out among the people that walk with their heads downward! The Antipathies, I think–‘ (she was rather glad there was no one listening, this time, as it didn’t sound at all the right word) ‘–but I shall have to ask them what the name of the country is, you know. Please, Ma’am, is this New Zealand or Australia?‘ (and she tried to curtsey as she spoke–fancy curtseying as you’re falling through the air! Do you think you could manage it?) ‘And what an ignorant little girl she’ll think me for asking! No, it’ll never do to ask: perhaps I shall see it written up somewhere.’

Nils Holgersson

Never had he seen the skies so blue as they were to-day. Birds of passage came on the wing. They came from foreign lands, having travelled over the Baltic Sea, by way of Smygahuk, and were now on their way North. They were of many different kinds; but he was only familiar with the wild geese, who came flying in two long lines, which met at an angle.

nils holgersson

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Selma Lagerlöf

At the seaside


Thousand feet above sea level among the heather and bracken of Craddock Moor, four or five miles north of Liskeard, you may find to-day the remains of three ancient stone circles known as “The Hurlers.” Antiquaries will tell you that the Druids first erected them, but the people of the countryside know better. From father to son, from grandparent to child, through long centuries, the story has been handed down of how “The Hurlers” came to be fixed in eternal stillness high up there above the little village of St. Cleer.



Legend Land


There is only one person in the entire house who is not ordinary and that is Karlsson-on-the-Roof.
karlsson flying
He lives  on the roof, Karlsson does. This alone is out of the ordinary. Things may be different in other parts of the world, but in Stockholm people hardly ever live in a little house of their own on top of a roof. But Karlsson does. He is a very small, very round, and very self-possessed gentleman – and he can fly! Anybody can fly by airplane or helicopter, but only Karlsson can fly all by himself. He simply turns a button in the middle of his tummy and, presto, the cunning little engine on his back starts up. Karlsson waits for a moment or two to let the engine warm up; then he accelerates, takes off, and glides on his way with all the dignity and poise of a statesman; that is, if you can picture a statesman with a motor on his back.
Astrid Lindgren


Karlsson merely gave Eric a quick glance and sailed on. He circled over the rooftop of the house opposite, rounded the chimney, and then steered back toward Eric’s window. By now he had got up speed and he whizzed past Eric, almost like a get plane. Several times he shot past. Eric stood silently watching, but he had butterflies in his tummy from the excitement. After all, it isn’t every day that a fat little man flies past your window. At last Karlsson slowed down close to the window ledge.


“Hi-ho” – he said. “May I take a seat?”

“Oh, please do,” said Eric. ”Isn’t it difficult to fly like that?”- he added.

Astrid Lindgren

La befana


Befana era una vecchia signora molto distinta e nobile: era quasi baronessa.

—La gente—borbotta qualche volta fra sé—mi chiama semplicemente «la Befana»,

e io non protesto, perché bisogna pure compatire gli ignoranti.

Ma sono quasi baronessa: le persone per bene lo sanno.

Gianni Rodari