While away

Some say one is always alone. I thought they were right… but after I discovered we all have helpers. You never know where they hide unless they show themselves. In any event I am always happy to leave them my working desk. I know they have lots of here!bureau.jpg

Някои твърдят, че човек е винаги сам. Мислех, че са прави…, но в последствие открих, че всички ние си имаме помощници. Никога не знаеш къде се крият освен ако не ти се покажат. И аз съм винаги доволна да им оставя бюрото си. Знам, че наистина се забавляват тук!

At the seaside


Thousand feet above sea level among the heather and bracken of Craddock Moor, four or five miles north of Liskeard, you may find to-day the remains of three ancient stone circles known as “The Hurlers.” Antiquaries will tell you that the Druids first erected them, but the people of the countryside know better. From father to son, from grandparent to child, through long centuries, the story has been handed down of how “The Hurlers” came to be fixed in eternal stillness high up there above the little village of St. Cleer.



Legend Land