А Forest fairy § Фея в шишарка

It is said by those who ought to understand such things, that the good people, or the fairies, are some of the angels who were turned out of heaven, and who landed on their feet in this world, while the rest of their companions, who had more sin to sink them, went down farther to a worse place. Be this as it may, there was a merry troop of the fairies, dancing and playing all manner of wild pranks, on a bright moonlight evening towards the end of September. The scene of their merriment was not far distant from Inchegeela, in the west of the county Cork—a poor village, although it had a barrack for soldiers; but great mountains and barren rocks, like those round about it, are enough to strike poverty into any place: however, as the fairies can have everything they want for wishing, poverty does not trouble them much, and all their care is to seek out unfrequented nooks and places where it is not likely any one will come to spoil their sport.

“The priest supper” by T. CROFTON CROKER

While away

Some say one is always alone. I thought they were right… but after I discovered we all have helpers. You never know where they hide unless they show themselves. In any event I am always happy to leave them my working desk. I know they have lots of here!bureau.jpg

Някои твърдят, че човек е винаги сам. Мислех, че са прави…, но в последствие открих, че всички ние си имаме помощници. Никога не знаеш къде се крият освен ако не ти се покажат. И аз съм винаги доволна да им оставя бюрото си. Знам, че наистина се забавляват тук!