THE GOBLIN AND THE HUCKSTER § Джуджето и бакалинът


From the book shot forth a ray of light which grew broad and full, like the stem of a tree, from which bright rays spread upward and over the student’s head. Each leaf was fresh, and each flower was like a beautiful female head; some with dark and sparkling eyes, and others with eyes that were wonderfully blue and clear. The fruit gleamed like stars, and the room was filled with sounds of beautiful music. The little goblin had never imagined, much less seen or heard of, any sight so glorious as this. He stood still on tiptoe, peeping in, till the light went out in the garret. The student no doubt had blown out his candle and gone to bed; but the little goblin remained standing there nevertheless, and listening to the music which still sounded on, soft and beautiful, a sweet cradle-song for the student, who had lain down to rest.

« This is a wonderful place, » said the goblin; « I never expected such a thing. I should like to stay here with the student; » and the little man thought it over, for he was a sensible little spirit. At last he sighed, « but the student has no jam! »

Hans Christian Andersen

5 réflexions sur “THE GOBLIN AND THE HUCKSTER § Джуджето и бакалинът

  1. Dear Clementine, this is gorgeous!
    I am imagining a room full of light, with a large French window, a balcony and a stunning view over ancient roofs and the Mediterranean sea and a neverending blue sky, white walls decorated with your beautiful watercolours… where a young beautiful woman with dark hair is sitting at a desk with her colours… A.

    1. Hihi, thank you very much Alessandra, this is very inspiring! And very close to what I imagine too :o)

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