Yukio Mishima, The seven Bridges

sette ponti.jpg

“From the minute we set foot out of this house you’re not to open your mouth,
no matter what happens, until we’ve crossed all seven bridges.Even one word
and you won’t get whatever you’re praying for. And if anybody you know talks
to you, you’re out of luck, but I don’t suppose there’s much dnager of that in
your case. One more thing. You’re not allowed to go back over yhe same
road twice. Anyway, Koyumi will be leading. All you have to do is follow.”

Death in Midsummer





Tomoko ran down to the beach in her bare feet. The pine needles stabbed at herĀ as she went through the groove. The tide had come in, and she had to climb over the rock to the bathing-beach.









Oh? You’re related to the people who drowned at A. Beach? That’s too bad. Two children and a woman all at once, they say.


Yukio Mishima