Strange, stony Cagliari. We climbed up a street like a corkscrew stairway. And we saw announcements of a children’s fancy-dress ball. Cagliari is very steep. Half-way up there is a strange place called the bastions, a large, level space like a drill-ground with trees, curiously suspended over the town, and sending off a long shoot like a wide viaduct, across above the corkscrew street that comes climbing up.

Sea and Sardinia, D.H.Lawrence

4 thoughts on “Cagliari

  1. Мил спомен от Сардиния! А за мен – чаровна картина от Италия. Благодаря ти Клементине.

    1. Oui, c’est fascinant de superposer les images d’aujourd’hui aux impressions reçues sur la Sardaigne il y a 1 siècle. Heureusement certaines choses y sont restées…

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