From the window of the old bachelor § От прозореца на стария ерген

monsieur avec son chat a la fenetre3.jpg

Тhere is a street in Copenhagen which bears the extraordinary name of « Hyskenstrœde. » And why is it so called? and what is the meaning of that name? It is German; but the German has been corrupted. « Häuschen » it ought to be called, and that signifies « small houses. » Those which stood there formerly—and, indeed, for several years—were not much larger than the wooden booths that we see now-a-days erected at fairs. Yes, only a little larger, and with windows; but the panes were of horn or stretched bladder, for in these days it was too expensive to have glass windows in all houses; but the time in question was so far back that our grandfathers’ grandfathers, when they mentioned it, also spoke of it as « in ancient days, » for it was several hundred years ago.

The Old Bachelor’s Nightcap, by Hans Christian Andersen

Шапката на стария ерген, от Ханс Кристиан Андерсен


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