Peril at End House


“Imagine, Hastings,” he said, “that house there-the one on the point that we have admired so much, it belongs to Mademoiselle here.”
“Indeed?” I said, though I was unable to recall having expressed any admiration. In fact I had hardly noticed the house.
“It looks rather eerie and imposing standing there by itself far from anything.”
“It’s called End House,” said the girl. “I love it but it’s a tumble-down old place. Going to rack and ruin.”

Peril at End House

Agatha Christie

Poirot investigates

“Eh bien, mon ami,” said Poirot, lighting one of his tiny cigarettes, ” we must map out a plan of campaign. Already I have made rough survey of the house, but I am of opinion that any clue will be found in this room. We shall have to g othrough the documents in the desk with meticulous care.(…)”

poirot investigates 2 Agatha Christie