Waiting for the London train§ Чакайки влака за Лондон

The first person that Anthony saw as he alighted from his train on the following afternoon was Superintendent Battle. His face broke into a smile.
‘I’ve returned according to contract,’ he remarked. Did you come down here to assure yourself of the fact?’
Battle shook his head.
‘I wasn’t worrying about that, Mr Cade. I happen to be going to London, that’s all.’
You have such a trustful nature, Battle.’
‘Do you think so, sir?’
‘No. I think you’re deep-very deep. Still waters, you know, and all that sort of thing. So you’re going to London?’
I am, Mr Cade.’
I wonder why.’
The detective did not reply.

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

Appointment with Death § Среща със смъртта

appointment with death2.jpg


Softly Dr. Gerard quoted: “‘So I returned and did consider all the oppressions done beneath the sun. And there was weeping and whining from those that were oppressed and had no comfort; for with their oppressors there was power, so that no one came to comfort them. Then I did praise the dead which are already dead, yea, more than the living which linger still in life; yea, he that is not is better than dead or living; for he doth not know of the evil that is wrought forever on earth. . . .'” He broke off and said: “My dear sir, I have made a life’s study of the strange things that go on in the human mind. It is no good turning one’s face only to the fairer side of life. Below the decencies and conventions of everyday life, there lies a vast reservoir of strange things. (…)