The Old Princess

japanese lady

Before he left his father’s Court he went to pray at the shrine of Ise and to take leave of his aunt the Princess Yamato, for his heart was somewhat heavy at the thought of the dangers he had to face, and he felt that he needed the protection of his ancestress, Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. The Princess his aunt came out to give him glad welcome, and congratulated him on being trusted with so great a mission by his father the King. She then gave him one of her gorgeous robes as a keepsake to go with him and to bring him good luck, saying that it would surely be of service to him on this adventure. She then wished him all success in his undertaking and bade him good speed.

The young Prince bowed low before his aunt, and received her gracious gift with much pleasure and many respectful bows.

The Story of Prince Yamato Take

by Yei Theodora Ozaki


2 thoughts on “The Old Princess

  1. Ееей, клементине, радвам се, че мога вече да пиша вече в твоя сайт!!! Образите са страхотни, предала си настроението на човека, личи си вътрешното му състояние. Браво

    1. Благодаря ти, Аделинабоб! много се радвам, че ще ме подкрепяш по пътя!

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