Waiting for the London train§ Чакайки влака за Лондон

The first person that Anthony saw as he alighted from his train on the following afternoon was Superintendent Battle. His face broke into a smile.
‘I’ve returned according to contract,’ he remarked. Did you come down here to assure yourself of the fact?’
Battle shook his head.
‘I wasn’t worrying about that, Mr Cade. I happen to be going to London, that’s all.’
You have such a trustful nature, Battle.’
‘Do you think so, sir?’
‘No. I think you’re deep-very deep. Still waters, you know, and all that sort of thing. So you’re going to London?’
I am, Mr Cade.’
I wonder why.’
The detective did not reply.

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

Sad Cypress § Тъжният кипарис

Just for a moment an odd restlessness came to him – a rippling of his previous placidity. He felt, There’s something – something I haven’t got – something I want – I want – I want…. The golden green light, the softness in the air – with them came a quickened pulse, a stirring of the blood, a sudden impatience.
A girl came through the trees toward him – a girl with pale, gleaming hair and a rose-flushed skin. He thought, How beautiful – how unutterably beautiful. Something gripped him; he stood quite still, as though frozen into immobility. The world, he felt, was spinning, was topsy-turvy, was suddenly and impossibly and gloriously crazy! The girl stopped suddenly, then she came on. She came up to him where he stood, dumb and absurdly fish-like, his mouth open.