The destiny wheel § La roue du destin § Колелото на съдбата

tre fate ssmask

“That ash,” says Har, which was indeed the earth-bearer, “is the greatest and best of all trees.” Its branches spread over the whole world and even reach above heaven. It has three roots, very wide asunder. One of them goes down to Ginnungagap. The frost giants live over it, and over this root is a deep well which we shall hear more of by-and-bye. In the picture this root could not be shown, but the branches which encircle the ice region are supposed to spring from it. Another root extends to Niflheim, the old roaring cauldron lies under it, a great snake called Nidhögg gnaws it night and day as the old lay says. “Yggdrasil’s ash suffers greater hardship than men know of. Nidhögg tears it.” Under this root also lies Helheim, a home of the dead. The third root is in heaven: gods and men live under it, in Asgard and Midgard; the giant fate-sisters also live under it, at the top of the Rainbow’s arch in their palace very beauteous, which stands by the Holy Urda Fount. They water the tree every day with the holy water, so that ever “it stands green over Urda’s Fount.”

These maidens are called Norns;—they fix the destinies of men, Har says; “but besides them,” he adds, “there are a great many other norns—indeed, for each man that is born there is a norn to decide his fate.”

The heroes of Asgard. Tales from Scandinavian Mythology  (link to Gutenberg Project)
By A. & E. Keary

… [Без превод]

“Тези девойки се наричат “Норни” – те определят съдбите на хората, казва Хар; “но освен тях – добавя той – има много много други норни – всъщност, за всеки роден човек има една норна, която решава съдбата му.”

4 thoughts on “The destiny wheel § La roue du destin § Колелото на съдбата

  1. Ооу, интересно… Много благодаря, Клементине, че има и пояснителни, в превод, думи за някои “невежи”. През този месец вълшебствата, митовете са въздействащи. Пожелавам ти да се усещаш в близост и под закрилата на своята Норна. Особено в този празничен период. А.

    1. Благодаря ти много А. Да, много легенди още има за четене, но тази ми напомни за една приказка на плоча, която имахме…

  2. Uh, questa fiaba fa un po’ paura… il disegno è bellissimo e molto misterioso con questi personaggi fatati, e la scelta dei colori rende tutto ancora più suggestivo!

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