Matilda reading § Матилда на Роалд Дал


Over the next few afternoons Mrs Phelps could hardly take her eyes from the small girl sitting for hour after hour in the big armchair at the far end of the room with the bookon her lap. It was necessary to rest it on the lap because it was too heavy for her to hold up, whoch meant she had to sit leaning forward on order to read.

Matilda, the book reader, by Roald Dahl

Happy International Book Day!

Честит международен ден на книгата!

2 thoughts on “Matilda reading § Матилда на Роалд Дал

    1. Merci beaucoup Sandra! A chaque fois que je pense à Roald Dahl je me rappele de choses tu m’as dit de lui :-)

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